St Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral reopening

Eglise Russe Saint Nicolas, Nice
Cathédrale Saint Nicolas © CRT Riviera Côte d’Azur – Photographe Pierre BEHAR.jpg

Largest Orthodox religious building built outside Russia, the St Nicholas Cathedral, consecrated in 1912 in memory of Nicholas Alexandrovich, Tsarevich of Russia, who died in Nice, was meant to serve the large Russian community that had settled in Nice by the end of the 19th century.

Recognized as a National Monument, this church was one of the most visited places in Nice. Reopened January 19, 2016 after 20 months of closure and 17.5 million euros of works financed by the Russian Federation, now you can (re) discover this jewel of Orthodox Art and Architecture.

Russian Orthodox Cathedral
Avenue Nicolas II, 06000 Nice