Taba Naba, Arts by Peoples of the Sea

Until September 30th, 2016

Exposition Taba Naba - Musée Océanographique de Monaco

Aboriginal and Oceanic art will be showcased at Taba Naba, a major exhibition on the theme of oceans and water, taking place at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco and one of the highlights of the summer season in the Principality. The theme will be approached from varying perspectives thanks to the participation of many artists.

The exhibition is overtaking the entire Oceanographic Museum, with artworks being not only inside the building, but investing in the outdoor space (including the terrace and the building façades). The different works (paintings, installations, sculptures, artefacts…) highlight the strong interdependency between people and their environment, and address contemporary issues from a societal, ecological and philosophical perspective.

« TABA NABA: Australia, Oceania, Arts by Peoples of the Sea » Exhibition
Oceanographic Museum of Monaco
Avenue St Martin
98000 Monaco

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