Exposition Charlotte Salomon à Villefranche-sur-mer

Until September 30th 2015

Villefranche-sur-mer ©CRT Riviera Côte d'Azur - Photographe Robert Palomba
Villefranche-sur-mer ©CRT Riviera Côte d’Azur – Photographe Robert Palomba

Staying at the Royal-Riviera this summer ? Put Villefranche-sur-mer on your to do list! Full of History, the city is also a place of culture and a source of inspiration for many artists as Jean Cocteau or Charlotte Salomon, in which the city pays tribute with a unique retrospective in France.

Refugee in Villefranche during the Second World War as escaping from the Nazi regime, this German-Jewish painter realized most part of her work here, almost 1,300 gouaches, before being deported to Auschwitz.

Exposition Charlotte Salomon - Villefranche-sur-mer
Charlotte Salomon Exhibition – Villefranche-sur-mer

Charlotte’s work is exceptional, as it was imagined like an opera script: on each gouache’s back, the artist noted musical references (classical or popular) designed to highlight the action suggested by the drawing which is displayed to visitors while discovering this exhibition.

Until September 30th, at the St Elme Chapel, in the heart of the citadel.
Open from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m – 12 p.m / 2 p.m – 4 p.m.